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  • ذکريات رائعة من زیارت الاربعین

    الدکتور محمد فنائی اشکوری تعریب: س. ر. منصوری جاء الأربعین و حل الحزن في القلب    فجع العالم لمصاب زینب أنین أهل السماء یطرق اسماع البشر     تأوه من تفجع صاحب الأمر للأربعين مکانة مرموقة في الثقافة الشيعية. علی ما نقل إن جابر بن عبد الله الانصاري الصحابي المعروف، بعد مضي أربعين يوماً من إستشهاد أبي عبد […]

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  • Stages of Journey in Islamic Mysticis

    Professor Mohammad Fanaei Eshkevari Abstract Mystical journey (al-sulook al-‘irfani) deals with stages and stations of human soul’s perfection in ascending toward God the Almighty. In practical mysticism (al-‘irfan al-‘amali), different classifications are offered to explain the stages and elements of this journey. Some of these classifications show the order that mystics must followed in their […]

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  • An online Panel Discussion: The Nature and Possibility of an Islamic Philosophy

    An online Panel Discussion: The Nature and Possibility of an Islamic Philosophy What is Islamic philosophy? Is Islamic philosophy possible? What is the relation between Islamic philosophy and Greek philosophy? What is the status of Islamic philosophy in contemporary world? Why do some scholars reject Islamic philosophy? Please join us online http://vc.aou.ir/webinar for finding answer […]

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  • Patience, A Great Divine Virtue

     Patience is considered to be one of the best-known terms in Islam. In Islamic literature, this phrase occurs with frequency in proportion to different occasions and in various fields, with a tone of encouragement, discussion of rewards, and praise and explanation about its importance. It is therefore natural that Muslims become familiar with its meaning, […]