Dimensions of self-knowledge and its role in perfecting human soul

Abstract Psychology or self-knowledge matters in all cultures and [that is why] religion, philosophy, ethics and mysticism lay stress on self-knowledge. Socrates’ well-known message was “know yourself”. In Socratic philosophy, self-knowledge is the foundation of ethics and virtues. Philosophy basically aims at perfecting human soul and so does religion. It is not possible to attain […]

ذکريات رائعة من زیارت الاربعین

الدکتور محمد فنائی اشکوری تعریب: س. ر. منصوری جاء الأربعین و حل الحزن في القلب    فجع العالم لمصاب زینب أنین أهل السماء یطرق اسماع البشر     تأوه من تفجع صاحب الأمر للأربعين مکانة مرموقة في الثقافة الشيعية. علی ما نقل إن جابر بن عبد الله الانصاري الصحابي المعروف، بعد مضي أربعين يوماً من إستشهاد أبي عبد […]

Stages of Journey in Islamic Mysticis

Mohammad Fanaei Eshkevari Abstract Mystical journey (al-sulook al-‘irfani) deals with stages and stations of human soul’s perfection in ascending toward God the Almighty. In practical mysticism (al-‘irfan al-‘amali), different classifications are offered to explain the stages and elements of this journey. Some of these classifications show the order that mystics must followed in their practice. […]

The Impact of Islam on European Civilization

The impact of Islamic civilization on the European civilization is undeniable. Muslims’ philosophical, theological and scientific thoughts that were introduced to the Medieval West had a remarkable impact on different aspects of European life. Ibn Sina, Ibn Rushd and Ghazali’s works left a tremendous influence on Western Medieval philosophy and theology. Mathematics, physics, chemistry, astronomy […]

The Theory of Perfect Man in Islamic Mysticism

Epistemologically, Islamic mysticism is a kind of intuitive ontology obtained through a mystical journey. Given this perspective, the real being is the Absolute Being or the Almighty God Who is unique, infinite and absolutely perfect. Among the creatures in the universe, man enjoys a special status. He is composed of a physical body and divine […]

Irfan in Iran

  The Status of Mysticism and Mystical Education in Contemporary Iran Throughout history, Iran has been one of the influential centers of mysticism and spirituality. After the arrival of Islam, Iran became a center for Islamic spirituality, also known as Sufism or ‘irfan. Many great figures such as Hallaj, BaYazid, Kharaqani, Gazaly, ‘Attar, Shams Tabrizi, […]