The Theory of Perfect Man in Islamic Mysticism

Epistemologically, Islamic mysticism is a kind of intuitive ontology obtained through a mystical journey. Given this perspective, the real being is the Absolute Being or the Almighty God Who is unique, infinite and absolutely perfect. Among the creatures in the universe, man enjoys a special status. He is composed of a physical body and divine soul. Whatever exists in the world of existence can be found man.

Therefore, man is said to be a microcosm and a most comprehensive being. Man is the object of creation and everything in this world is at his disposal. Man has intellect and free will on the one hand, and animal desires and impulses on the other hand. Man can reach the highest levels of perfection if he follows ration and obeys God or will drop and get to the lowest levels if he follows animal desires. A perfect man is the most perfect manifestation of all God’s names and attributes. Wilayah (divine authority) is sometimes accompanied by prophethood and sometimes by executorship and Imamate. Nearness to God and journey in the path of perfection is contingent upon knowing the Wali (God’s friend) and following the light of guidance.