The Theory of Perfect Man in Islamic Mysticism

Epistemologically, Islamic mysticism is a kind of intuitive ontology obtained through a mystical journey. Given this perspective, the real being is the Absolute Being or the Almighty God Who is unique, infinite and absolutely perfect. Among the creatures in the universe, man enjoys a special status. He is composed of a physical body and divine […]

Irfan in Iran

  The Status of Mysticism and Mystical Education in Contemporary Iran Throughout history, Iran has been one of the influential centers of mysticism and spirituality. After the arrival of Islam, Iran became a center for Islamic spirituality, also known as Sufism or ‘irfan. Many great figures such as Hallaj, BaYazid, Kharaqani, Gazaly, ‘Attar, Shams Tabrizi, […]

Mysticism and Religion

There is a close connection between mysticism and religion. However, the nature of their relation is debatable. Is mysticism a religious phenomenon? What is the relation between them? Can mysticism be found outside of religion? Is mysticism compatible with any worldview? The answer to these questions depends on our definition of mysticism. In my view, […]

Islamic Mysticism

Is it possible for us to know God immediately or directly? Our ordinary knowledge of God is knowledge by representation/correspondence (al ‘ilm al husuli). We have a concept of God; we don’t feel the real God. We know God through some concepts. These concepts provide us with abstract knowledge, mental knowledge. This is not immediate […]