Iran, Korea

A group of Iranian and South Korean religious scholars discussed the role of religion in promoting ethical and human values during a seminar held at Iran’s Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO) yesterday.

ICRO Director Mohammad-Baqer Khorramshad, Center for Dialogue between Civilizations and Religions Director Ali-Mohammad Helmi, and the University of Religions and Denominations Director Hojjatolesalm Abolhasan Navvab were among the Iranian scholars who attended the seminar.
A delegation from the Seoul-based Korea Conference of Religion for Peace (KCRP) including the Christian leader and the deputy secretary of KCRP Tae Sung Kim also attended the seminar.
Speaking at the seminar, Khorramshad pointed to the moral values in different societies and said that these values can lead to a better life in a society through religion.
Tae Sung Kim also stated that morality has a great impact on the stability of a society, and that religion can create peace in a society.
In addition, several other S. Korean scholars delivered their short speeches at the seminar and held talks with Iranian experts.
Tehran Times