The Theory of Perfect Man in Islamic Mysticism

Epistemologically, Islamic mysticism is a kind of intuitive ontology obtained through a mystical journey. Given this perspective, the real being is the Absolute Being or the Almighty God Who is unique, infinite and absolutely perfect. Among the creatures in the universe, man enjoys a special status. He is composed of a physical body and divine soul. Whatever exists in the world of existence can be found man. Continue reading “The Theory of Perfect Man in Islamic Mysticism”

Imamate in Shia

1_mamzaman01Imamate and leadership of the Ahlul Bayt is mentioned as the most important pillar of Islam. Shia’s believe that imamate is a divine authority which along prophecy has a substantial role.  Regard to Shia theologians, Imam at least has three grand authorities: 1. scientific authority; 2. Spiritual authority; 3. Political authority. Continue reading “Imamate in Shia”