The Horizons of Islamic Mysticism

The Horizons of Islamic Mysticism


Mohammad Fanaei Eshkevari,

Imam Khomeini Educational and Research Institute, Iran, Qom, 2023


This book has three parts and fifteen chapters in 813 pages.


First part: The philosophy of mysticism

First chapter: Islamic mysticism; What it is, its Dimensions and History

Second chapter: Religious Experience

Third chapter: Mystical Experience and Inner Intuition

Fourth chapter: Mysticism and Religion

Fifth chapter: Mysticism and Reason


Second part: Theoretical mysticism

Sixth chapter: The Philosophy of Theoretical Mysticism

Seventh chapter: Mystical Ontology (examination of the theory of personal unity of existence)

Eighth chapter: Mystical Theology

Ninth chapter: Mystical Cosmology (Manifestation and Emergence)

Tenth chapter: Mystical Anthropology


The third part: practical mysticism

Chapter 11: Philosophy of Practical Mysticism

Chapter 12: Mystical Knowledge of Self

Chapter 13: The Pillars of Solook

Chapter 14: Stages of Solook

Chapter 15: Positions of Solook



Despite the valuable works in the field of Islamic mysticism, what made the author to write this work is to provide a text that is comprehensive to some extent and includes various aspects of Islamic mysticism; Secondly,¬† to provide a rational explanation compatible with Islamic teachings of the principles of Islamic mysticism; Thirdly, to discuss mystical topics as much as possible in today’s understandable language and referring to common discussions in the field of mysticism in the contemporary world; Fourthly, its discussions should aim at dispelling doubts and misunderstandings about mysticism and criticizing rival mystical and pseudo-mystical currents.